Dream job writers - the know-how

Thousands of people dream of: to write your own books to become famous and to earn so much money that you can live on it. In short to be writers. But what is needed at all, to pursue that career? How hard it really is, to put things in the world of writing foot? What criteria determine whether a book is accepted by a publisher and published? Questions, questions. First of all be clarified what exactly makes for a writer. The action is to differentiate from a common author. Writes the latter namely texts of any kind, which are published in the same medium which, as previously only a real writer of literary texts such as novels, poems or stories. Nevertheless, writers belong to the ranks of authors, authors are not only just the same writer.

In addition to the basic requirements, the mastery of spelling and grammar, you need a writer above all, a great deal of creativity and imagination. The plot of the book is finally decisive. Here, the story turned out to be not necessarily total. The main thing is that it captures the reader and he may well identify with the characters. Even the genre is not important. Whether fantasy, mystery or reality - a thoughtful and interesting plot behind it, which of course must fit the particular genre, it may be the book a success. In addition, it requires a lot of discipline, stamina and strong nerves. Writes a book does not end in one night, on the contrary, this project can be lengthy depending on the number of pages for half a year or more to complete. Writer's block, creativity and lack of motivation is not expected. One should, therefore, before considering whether this time will pay real dividends. That is appropriate to send the first chapter of his work to publishers to find out whether a publisher shows interest in it. However, it is only for the said action yet on the market of readers, which is regulated by supply and demand. For example, the American Stephenie Meyer in 2005 landed a huge success with her vampire-love story "Twilight" - and suddenly vampire and fantasy novels back in demand as never before. No question that thousands of writers to swim at the wave of success and also benefit from the hype wanted. But at some point the market is oversaturated. The readers have read too much of a theme and show no or very little interest in it. So to find a gap in the market, how it is managed Stephenie Meyer, requires a lot of luck, possibly having ago just as rare as winning the lottery. To become a writer and to establish itself in the market is therefore not as easy as one might perhaps expect. It put a lot of work, time and stamina behind it. Therefore you should think through his plan exactly and may weigh up the effort with the win. Yet it must at the whole of the fun of writing is not to be forgotten, because that is what really counts here and should be central

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