The teaching profession and its tasks

Teacher support and promote the personal development of their students. Your task is to provide other expertise and to promote the learning of all students appropriately and continuously. In Germany, the profession of teacher, not a protected title, which is why it finds it in many areas. There is the usual name of the school teachers who teach in either private or public schools. They teach in primary schools, secondary schools and primary and secondary schools. In addition, there are teachers for professional or special schools. Even professors at universities and colleges can be described in their work as teachers or as teachers. Outside the school, teachers are also active in adult education or teach others in music schools, sports clubs or even as a driving instructor in a driving school. There are therefore many areas in which a teacher is exercised. A teacher requires, at least in schools, usually in teaching at the university. The student must choose from a wide range of subjects usually for two subjects. But there is also the possibility in the course of study be added as a supplementary subject, which are then studied to the same extent and the study must be extended accordingly. Depending on the type of degree, is the study of each of varying duration. At last the longest secondary and the special education teacher. The primary school teacher, however, is the shortest of all. be completed for the teaching profession at vocational schools must be studied before the first training. In part, as an alternative to teacher training as well as a lateral entry from other degree possible. In any case, the already paid practical training, so the internship will be completed successfully at a school. The earning potential vary by school.

The duties of a teacher are varied. It is not just about the transfer of educational content and adherence to the prescribed curriculum. A teacher also contributes importantly to the education of children. He can influence the social behavior, values mediate and promote mutual respect between pupils. Within a group, it is his task to create a positive learning atmosphere to encourage students to independent thought and action and to encourage ownership in learning. In addition, a teacher is always a trust. He can help his students with personal or school problems, and provide educational assistance. He meets with diagnoses of serious learning difficulties or behavioral problems. Its tasks are precisely in these cases, parents' conversations and finding solutions to educational problems. In addition, it also includes participation in conferences and the organization of school trips or excursions to the teacher everyday. Teachers in Germany criticized in many ways and often responsible for abuses made. The profession requires some patience and perseverance. Teachers spend about 25 contact hours a week at the school. These are the daily lesson plans for the day and at regular intervals, correcting exams and assignments and the evaluation of oral and written student performance. In the results to a large extent can the quality of their own teaching can be measured. Requirements for this occupation, in addition to educational and communication skills and mental strength and balance, as teachers generally have a great responsibility towards its students.

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