Informations about school

A school is a teaching institution or educational institution, where pupils misappropriate knowledge. The school is an institution, with the task of the mediation of ability and knowledge through several teachers onto pupils. The school distances itself, however, from the university strongly since the research does not number among the originären tasks for this purpose in the school. The legal task of the school in Germany says, a pupil over the years at the school too responsible and to bring the pupils to a responsible personality. The legal books of fundamentals are set in the Basic Law. Of course there is also an educational personality education that, however, does not release the parents from their duties and education at home but the parents in this case unterschützen and complement. Several classical school functions are available, as the qualification, which the preparation for the later life in the private life, profession and in the social functions, is, furthermore the Sozialisation that the wanted, social behavior provides, the selection and at last the legitimization. Of course there are different rights and rules in the school, as the so-called school right. About the school law, as well as curricula, regulations and decrees is the country parliament and the Ministry of Education responsible. The headmaster himself guarantees for the right state compliance of all regulations and is of course the receiver with complaints of the teachers. The construction and the organization of a school is divided in several sections. The organization of a school consists of the school community, this consists in turn of the headmaster, whose deputy and that second deputy. To that come the learning-personnel as rate employees or officials, according to school also school doctor, social-pedagogic specialists, as well as pedagogic instruction help, a school psychologist and a school assistant. Of course there is also still with certain schools, as the grammar school a teacher council, a parent representation and a pupil representation. Organizationally complemented also the secretary's office, the janitor, the personnel appertains to that for the pupils at full-time training and the other personnel, as cleaning personnel and school gardeners. The visit of a school is stipulated in Germany. It the so-called compulsory education is valid.

In Germany there is in total in about 47000 schools. Different school types are natural think, as the elementary school, what the first school of the children is, that Supported- or also school for educationally subnormal children, the nine-year elementary school with nine-year elementary school end or also Middle maturity, the secondary school with a Middle Maturity, the comprehensive school, the compartment high school, the professional school, the grammar school and the course of lectures. Of course there are also specific schools, as the colonial school, the unit school, the Europe school, the night school, or also a girls' school. The grammar school had school-leaving examination formerly from the fifth class up to the thirteenth class instruction and finally first in the thirteenth class. Heut too dawns is valid the G-8 that brings a shortening of the school-leaving examination with themselves. Through that two school-leaving examination age-groups come per year in 2011 from at what the present course of lectures stage 13 must reckon a shortening around half a year, which brings many disadvantages, but also advantages with themselves of course. The skilled work must be given already about three months formerly than else and the written examinations must be written in the semester 13/1 already very much early since the year already in December zu Ende geht for the prospective K13. School is something beautiful and should do every pupil fun. Every pupil should in addition find friends, acquire a lot of knowledge and get a good end so that this comes then in the life very far!

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