Being pupil once again

Many people are sure in this case: The best time in their life was than they were still pupils. They could be possible to the school and the learning was mostly pleasant. Then the pauses were played in those ones with many other there and was talked. The school was a big pool of many interesting schoolmates and a lot of of them good friends of one were. In the afternoon the school was past and the homework was done fast around then leisure time have. Many friends were agreed around fun have. Also one had been allowed to fall in love maybe already happily and enjoyed has the experience of a partnership. As a pupil one did not have any real problems mostly yet. One did not have money indeed but it was not needed either in fact. Also it gave not to supply any family that one would be. The refrigerator was always filled to one and the clothing was washed. The life could be enjoyed correctly. As well as as pupils many people never again had. They have it then indeed still not known wanted to be, maybe with pleasure grown-up however nevertheless, they were correctly good. The life of a pupil is usually also simple and care free. The pupil goes every day to the school and learns something a little bit in order to get also good notes later. Then it works into the leisure time and in order to be able to recover from the school time it gives still four times in the year of vacations. Now the pupil can sleep late and spend the time with his friends. The pupil has the time in order to do what he would like with pleasure to all of them. Who already stands in the professional life and must take care of his family does not have often any time of more for his hobbies.

The school time is therefore the best thing in the life? Many former pupils will see that different. The school time can be also an unpleasant torture. Who can not follow the instruction anymore as a pupil and thus produces only a bad achievement will be under pressure very beautifully. On the One Hand the parents stand the one moving expect and on the other hand the instruction of ones only stands simply overtaxed or simple bores. That is, however, only one of the problems. Another problem can find itself for the pupil in the schoolmates. Mobbing is an everyday problem at many schools. Many pupils become gemobbt for their appearance or maybe also for a hindrance not serious. There are also with pupils right-extreme tendencies, then foreigners have to suffer often from Mobbing. It can be, however, also that the foreigners are very numerous represented. These do not come rarely from problem families and grow up by power. They transmit this power to the other pupils then. With an accumulation of foreigners it is not a question often only of a click education anymore, it is a question already of one walk with hierarchy. In such situations it is not more beautifully at all a defenseless pupil his the against the measures of the other ones not to the resistance can put. Many pupils isolate themselves then or hide in the drug scene

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