Poems and the writing

There are already since centuries poems. Already formerly the people wrote poems, in the world of the art, also Pösi or lyric poetry mentioned. Known works of famous poets, as: One finds Goethe, Heine, Rilke, Schiller, Lessing or morning star and still a lot other one, also today still on the whole world. The poems of these famous poets are taught in the school and mostly the pupils of at least one of these beautiful works learn by heart. Such a poem correctly presented, does not sound only well, it incites also the fantasy. With "correct" it is meant that the presenting one uses his voice to the suitable lines. If it is a sad poem, one speaks with a little deeper voice. Also the speaker should remain near thoughtful passages shortly. The listener is supposed to have the feeling it is right in the poem and the history itself.

There are many kinds of poems. Love poems, friendship poems, grief poems and many more. They can always not be classified into categories, they are too different for this purpose. Every human being the a poem writes, has his own write style. To write that one to two people about the same things, also the same words for that use rarely. But why do people write poems? Would one like to be only creatively active? Does one write out of a mood? Why is it such many different poems? Many people write to process poems around things in order to deal with situations or to analyze it better through that. It helps many with writing down what loads it or what haunts intellectually in the head. Poems do not have to rhyme, because there are not any rhymes. Poems arise from feeling, Fantasy and experiences. A Ms z.B that writes their partner a love poem would like to express with this poem onto it as she loves it very much. That is not always simple, because the woman must summarize their thoughts and feelings through that and to dress these in words. Even if a person has suffered a difficult loss and liked to process this through a poem, this is very heavy. Because how does one put great grief into words? Some write themselves in a poem all of the soul, other express in turn very chosenly and cautiously. One analyzes a poem more precisely and one knows the person the it wrote, then one can lock sometimes many things out of this poem. Poems are very popular, because paper is very patient. One can be for hours before the empty leaf of paper if it is necessary and consider what one would like to say. These thoughts and feelings are brought then onto this empty leaf of paper and fill thus the empty pages. Persons for those ones a poem was written and those ones may read it then, are moved and are very pleased with that. The spoken word is a difficult thing, because often one can destroy many things with the "said" word even if one has not meant it "so". With a poem a possibility has To Think about what she would like to say the person, because it does not need only seconds, it can last minutes or also hours.

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