The novel

Under a novel refers to the long form of the written narration. The novel is one of the large forms of the epic, and thus to the narrative literature. It is written in prose. The term describes prose, not verse one bound, dry and sober presentation of events to a specific person, in a certain time. In a novel, a character, the protagonist, set in a time and described his fate under influence of the environment. The origin, and social and professional status of the protagonists are of importance. These are, authoritative influence of the protagonists, and give the character depth and authenticity the novel. A novel may be based on historical events or on utopias, as well as the author experienced. Since one can assume, however, generally of a fiction, the novel must not be verifiable on the truth. Also, a novel from various narrative perspectives are written. In the first-person perspective, the events are told by the protagonists themselves and give subjective impressions. The reader is therefore the action. The authorial (omniscient) narrator describes the events objectively. He can take on the roles the different characters and knows the events and the outcome of the story in advance. Even the personal narrator, can accept the view of different characters, but is in contrast to the authorial narrator not familiar with the outcome of the story. Other features of the novel are told time and narrative time. Under the writing time means the time is read in the story. The narrative time, indicates the period in which the events take place. In a Time cover, narrative time and are told about the same time. This possibility can be found at the scenic narrative. The time scale is used, the playback of a stream of consciousness (thoughts inspirations), and lets the narrative time is longer than the said time. Under a time lapse means, a summary of events, as in a report. The writing time is shorter than the said time.

His name, the novel was already in the 12th Century and called just about everything that was written in Romansh. In the 13 Century, developed the novel of prose literature. The focus was a hero, the equivalent of the standard idea or wishful thinking of the man and his environment, anchored and rooted in a fixed order. Up to 18 Century hardly changed this picture. In the 18 Century, the novel gained significantly in importance. The focus now was the anti-hero who was individual, unique and often unattainable. The psychological interest grew and the relation of cause and effect, became a central issue. Mid-19th Century transformed image of the novel again. The novel was a complex and nuanced narrative work, with protagonists in a homunculus-form (artificial humans). The question of the possibilities and limitations of people at the present time and in the future are the focus of attention. The events are in experienced, described inner monologue, and thus win of subjectivity and authenticity. The environment is now not trusted and the actions can not necessarily explain or be coherent. The novel is therefore one of those days, like today, in addition to the medium of newspapers, the most common Lesewerken and documents.

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