Libraries through the Ages

In all ancient and modern cultures, there have been libraries, such as for example, was among the Incas and Aztecs and Maya's, the famous library of Alexandria, which was 1,600 years ago, unfortunately, completely destroyed by fire - the knowledge of centuries in one fell swoop nullify - the Royal Public Library in Dresden, the great library in the Vatican, the German National Library in Berlin, the Ambrosiana in Milan, in the Oxford Bodleian Library, etc. The library of today and the library of the past is regarded as a common meeting place for generations. This is where old and young, men and women, students and teachers, and authors together to read together, take part in discussion groups to learn, etc. Even small children are playing on the world of books brought up by special reading days. Many people know only through television libraries of crime films, etc., where people have to be very quiet and you can hear pins fall. Meanwhile, the situation has become more relaxed and today's libraries have become a feel-good places for everyone. So here, for example, board games can be borrowed - Family Games, Kids Games, etc. - Puzzles for all ages. This is of course a great thing for families where the money does not sit so loose. You can try out different games before they grow it themselves. The same is true for PC and console games that are here to find a large selection. The annual subscription is for children and adults is very low and actually also for Wenigverdiener feasible. Friendly staff - trained librarians to help - in the library like the users to give them perhaps the fun of reading further. In the school libraries do the work dedicated teachers who give themselves too much trouble to bring the children to read.

In the meantime, however, kept in almost any library in the progress or the technology in the form of the media source. So you can besides the already mentioned earlier PC and console games, films, DVDs, audiobooks, etc., in contrast to earlier borrow the magazines, books and records, etc. Of course, in the libraries are still the books are the main attractions. are there to borrow books of all kinds in the fields of fiction, science, non-fiction - in this example cookbooks; Aquaristikb├╝cher; terrariums books, animal husbandry books, textbooks for handicrafts, knitting, crocheting, embroidering, fretwork etc. Nowadays it is also possible to visit the online library and borrow books online, etc., or online to read newspapers or books. Interlibrary loan, too, have become possible because, as the search is simplified. By using the PC and the lending process through index cards or card files has become easier, as was customary for decades. Today, all books archived in the computer of the library and are therefore all users on the Internet publicly visible

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