Homework has to be

Morning the children go to school and then they have to do more homework. You need to first spend hours trying to concentrate in school and. They are happy that school is out and enjoy the fact that they can go home. Then let them continue to learn or prove, at least directly through the homework that they have already learned something. Parents should show understanding now if the children do not like to want to do the homework. But as a parent you have to insist that children sit at the desk and start with the homework. Finally, they would get for a power nichterbrachte a bad grade, and would also learn less well. As a parent must continue to make especially the younger students for homework and supervise them well. Older students can also organize themselves. But younger children have difficulty with. It's always the question when the homework is to do. Just after the school are the children exhausted and they do then difficult if they need to contact directly back to the desk. But if they still want to meet up with friends then they should already have done their homework beforehand, or they would have to come back earlier to make the homework then. It is therefore a purely organizational matter when the children can do their homework. Parents should, however, two hours of the time schedule for the children's homework. Of course, they will often be finished after an hour but sometimes they need two hours or have to learn vocabulary and reading.

But it is not that the kids can always do their own homework. Often they are overwhelmed in one subject and are no longer with the others. How then, can they e.g. manage independently in math homework when they really have no idea how the formulas should work? For smaller children or children with learning disabilities are the parents should get together with him, to the homework and they supervise. Some children can handle themselves well, to some they have to be guided. If the children do not understand something, then it can again be explained to them. To some degree, the parents themselves can be all. But if their children attend high school and perhaps learn the things you yourself have not learned or understood, then the parents can not supervise the homework. If the young person has problems in a professional tutoring should be sought. At the local university, an application to be abandoned. Students look forward to when every 14 days for three hours must pass in order to then earn 20 euro. The young person is his parents for help like this but not later he will still be grateful for the help. After all, depends on the school success for the future life as much. Thus, students must take not only time for homework, they must also be encouraged and, if checked.

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