Books through the ages

The history of the books goes back a long way. The beginning of the history of the book may certainly be considered the Egyptian papyri. Until the invention of the printing press, which is about the 14th Century was invented, the books developed by the initial Papyrus role, to the zusammengefallteten parchment paper that was stapled together. This is regarded as the immediate forerunner of the printing press. The variety of topics of the various books knows this is hardly limited. No matter whether it was a textbook, a novel, a children's book, a textbook, a dictionary or any other topic. Over time, the production of books has changed dramatically, and the introduction of many new technologies has also left its traces.

Then one knows today, certainly not just the bound, printed on paper book. Also, by computer technologies, today known books, of which we previously did not dare to dream of a time, one need only recall the example of audio book. This will often be read by experienced readers, with catchy voice, the printed books in a recording studio, and published later in the form of CD's or DVD's. Especially many young people prefer this type of book, and hear them through a Discman, or MP3 player to move.In the development of the books may just be in this day and age not forget, the publication of many books in the form of so-called PDF files. This is a format that can be read on certain programs such as the popular Acrobat Reader. So that the books are then presented as quasi as if they were open on the screen. Also, there are already portable devices special with whom one very practical such PDF books on the go can read for example in the train, on his way to work. Will often also a lot of books in this format offered, but also all possible other issues are already available as a PDF books. These technical developments of the production and publication of books, has one hand secure the advantage that in many cases the environment is more protected, we had in previous years the case. On the other hand, this also means massive change for the industry, which is engaged in the manufacture of books. So it is today no longer the traditional book publishing, as in previous years.

In Block's entire technical developments, many printing companies that converted to multimedia sources. The graphic processing, setting the layout, is today mostly on the computer. From here, the transfer is initiated at the Druckerein, but the publication by electronic means, such as PDF files, or posting on websites on the Internet. Through this now common computer technologies, it is also for those who previously could afford a publication of books because of the expensive production costs do not, for example due to high requirements, much nearer to reality, to publish their books inexpensively. .

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